Defining Search Criteria

Use this page for instructions on how to specify and refine your search criteria on list pages.

Note: Depending on the number of pages of data in a list, list pages allow you to view data in several different ways.  You can click the headings of a column to change the sort order of items in that column, use the input boxes above the data to specify search criteria, or use the Previous and Next links to move from page to page.




Specify search criteria

1. Select a search field using the first drop-down list on the left.

2. Select a search condition using the second drop-down list on the left.

3. Type keywords to search for in the textbox provided (case-sensitive).

4. Click Search.

Refine search criteria

1. Click the '+' button to display an additional row of search critera. You mad add an additional row for each choice available in the search field drop-down list.

2. Follow the steps above to specify the search criteria for the newly added row.

3. Click the '-' button in any search row to remove that row.